Jobs for July in the Garden

Jobs for July in the Garden

In the Garden - Wrap large pots with hessian or bubble wrap to stop roots from freezing, Place cloches and tunnels over the vegetable garden to warm the soil, Prune back climbing plants.

Fruit & Veg - Prune large limbs from pip fruit trees (but not stone fruit, as these should be pruner after fruiting in late summer). Sow early carrot varieties under fleece. Sow broad beans in pots. Buy seed potatoes to "chit" prior to planting.

Greenhouse or Glasshouse - Remove any shading material and clean glass to maximize available sunlight. Sow hardy herbs: chives, parsley and mint. Clean out gutters from autumn leaves. Fill black containers with water - these will heat up during the day and release warmth overnight.

House Plants - Make indoor glass terrarium with cacti and succulents - you won't need a lid as they require very little water and will be happier with a drier environment. Water sparingly. Keep aware from direct heat sources such as heat pumps & fires. 

Veg to grow this month - BOK CHOI Useful winter greens that are high in Vitamin C, Relatively quick to grow, ready to harvest in about 6 weeks, Harvest young leaves for salad and mature leaves for stir frys.

Did you know - ALKALINE is a soil with a pH level between 7.0 and 14. (pH is a measure of acidity) Often contains higher amounts of sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Plants grown in alkaline soils will often appear stunted due to a lack of balanced nutrients

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